Traveler's Bar & Grill - 트래블러스 바앤그릴

The Double J.C. Challenge

For anyone living in Bundang, Traveler's is a must.  This place has some of the best western food in Korea.  Most famous for its burgers, Traveler's was voted as the Best Burger's in Korea from the readers of 10 Magazine back in 2011.  I have been going here for years and I am never disappointed.

Traveler's has three locations in Korea; Bundang, Daegu, and Daejeon.  They have a lot going on all week with various events and also a monthly special burger.  Check out their Facebook page to see what's going on~

The Bundang location is pretty big.  There is a foosball table, dart board, and a shuffleboard table to keep you entertained while waiting for the food.

I haven't tried everything on the menu but I have tried a lot and everything I had did not disappoint.

Chili Cheese Fries and Bacon Cheese Fries @11,000원

Chicken Caesar Salad @ 11,000원

Chili Cheese Burger  @13,000원

Take a look at the menu~~

To find Traveler's Bar & Grill come out of Seo Hyeon Station.  The exit numbers and AK Plaza gate numbers can be a little confusing.  Coming out of Seo Hyeon Station you will find yourself in AK Plaza.  Go out the exit  next to Gucci.  Walk down this walkway passing the Adidas store, ABC Mart, and Frisbee to name a few.  At the small street look to your left and you will see the building below!  

The entrance is a little hard to see but it is to the left of the parking elevator.  In this building on the third floor you will find Traveler's.

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Arario Museum - 아라리오뮤지엄

 Arario Museum in Space is a new museum located very close to Changdeokgung.  Don't confuse this with the Arario Gallery, they are two different places.  This has now become one of my favorite spaces in all of Seoul.  This is an awesome museum.   Arario also has a location in Jeju and opened their Seoul location this year.

The building is truly unique and adds to the coolness of this place.  Small rooms, rustic walls, and narrow spiraling staircases are just a few things you will see here.  With 5 floors there is a lot to see.

The current exhibit Really? has some awesome art.  There is no end date set yet, but be sure to get there soon so you don't miss it!!  There is no photography allowed inside the museum.  Below are some pictures from their website and other media provided pictures!

This piece is a stuffed deer with various sized crystal balls covering the entire animal.  It looks a lot better in person than the picture above.

Here is a very freaky piece.  This artist casted his head and then filled it with his own blood.  It needs to be kept frozen so it is in a special room.  

Even the building is a work of art.  Covered with vines with changing leaves it is really beautiful.  There are five floors adjacent to the museum with various restaurants and cafes.  It is a great place to relax after viewing the exhibit.  Below are the photos I took of the outside.


Tickets are 12,000웜
Audio Guide 2,000원

The audio guide is totally worth the extra 2,000원.  It gives more information about each piece and helps you to really understand what you are looking at.

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For more info check out their homepage.

In the video link you can see how they transformed this old building into the museum and prepared for the current exhibit.  The video starts off slow but is interesting~

If you like this style of museum, here are some others that are similar which you may enjoy~~
Total Museum                                 

Chicago Piano - 시카고피아노 (Pangyo Brunch Cafe)

Chicago Piano is a new place located in the Pangyo Cafe area.  It is a cute little place with an old diner kind of feeling to it.

They have a lot of baked goods but are most famous for their cinnamon bread.  As soon as you walk into the place it smells awesome.

The food was pretty good and the portions were huge.  The prices are also fairly cheap making this place a great deal.

Grilled Vegetables Sandwich

Chicken Breast Sandwich

Shrimp Caesar Sandwich

American Breakfast Set D

During the brunch hours each meal includes a drink.  Add a latte for 1,000원. Also you can get 1 coffee refill for 1,000원 more.  (americano only)

The juices were huge.  These cups are more than enough.
Here's the OJ.


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